Sunday, 31 October 2010

Oeuf en Cocotte with Chorizo

Oeuf en cocotte is a very french way of making eggs, usually served in a small ramequin or the more fashionable "Cocottes". This are small ceramic ramequin with a lid, a sort of miniature, one portion pan. They are specially nice for slow cooking food, like stews, soups or even soufflés.

Anyways, i was alone for lunch and in the mood for something simple and fast. And this is perfect as well as delicious!

Oeuf en cocotte with chorizo


1 egg
about 100 mL (less or more according to taste) of cream
grated cheese (or mixes of cheeses)
chopped chorizo to taste
salt, pepper, fresh herbs

Place the chopped chorizo and the cream on the bottom of the ramequin. Open the egg on the top, season with salt, pepper. Add the grated cheese and sprinkle with the fresh herbs.
Take it to the oven at 180°C for about 10 to 15 min, depending on how runny you like the eggs.
Serve with toasted bread.

It is very easy to make variations to this. You can add some chopped vegetables (which you should slightly cook before baking on the ramequin), or instead of chorizo, you can use bacon, chicken leftovers, or even tuna.


  1. deve ser mesmo apetitoso e parece ser uma refeicao muito reconfortante nestes dias frios de outono.

  2. Sim uma delícia, especialmente aconchegada no sofá com chuva lá fora ;)

  3. Rute,
    Os teus Oeuf an cocotte andavam a perseguir-me, entao fiz ontem para o jantar. Nao exactamente com os mesmos ingredientes que tu, pq nao tive que me render ao que havia no frigorifico e saiu lindamente! :)
    obrigada pela partilha!

  4. Ainda bem que perseguiram Sofia ;)
    Espero que tenha sabido muito bem!
    Obrigado eu :)