Sunday, 15 April 2012

Blood orange tartelettes

Hello and nice to see you again!

Long time since the last post, but finally we are settled in our new apartment and with the kitchen working in full speed! I am really enjoying spending my sundays trying out recipes and getting used to my new oven, new space... Today was particularly productive: home made bread, granola, a cake and these juicy tartelettes for dessert.

I have a fascination for blood oranges, the color is just wonderful and the tart taste... when I was in Sicily I drank a glass of fresh pressed blood orange juice every morning, they defiantly have the best oranges, whatever the type.

Here I used a spelt puff pastry (store bought), but any kind will do.

Blood Orange tartelettes

For the blood orange curd
100 mL blood orange juice
zest of one blood orange
100 g of brown sugar
50 g butter
3 eggs

To top the tartelettes
1 blood orange peeled and thinly sliced
1-2 tablespoon of honey, warmed up

Start by preparing the curd: in a small heat the blood orange juice, zest and butter until it melts. Add the sugar and let simmer until it dissolves. Mix the eggs and add to the previous mixture. Continue mixing until it starts simmer and the curd thickens. Set aside to cool down.

Put the puff pastry in the tartelette form cutting any excess pastry along the sides. Place the curd in the forms until half way full. Decorate with the orange slices and brush them with the warm honey. Bake at 200°C for 15-20 minutes. Let cool down totally before serving.


  1. This looks utterly delicious. Have one for me, would you?!! :)

  2. Oh, I also love blood oranges, but I rarely buy them, because they aren't of current use in Portugal. This recipe seem like a delicious way to use them!

    1. Em Portugal também nunca as comprava, só quando estive na Sicília é que provei de diversas formas e fiquei fã. Aqui na Alemanha encontra-se com relativamente facilidade e compro com frequência mas quase sempre acabam em sumo...
      Obrigado pela visita!